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we're sorry but consults are not currently available

Dr Vasquez provides personal and professional consultations as described below:

  • Patient consultations: Please complete this updated intake form [disabled] using Foxit or Acrobat or other PDF-editing software, then email your forms and other information to Dr Vasquez with an email titled "CONSULTATION -- [your initials]" to the email address* provided in the form. Please send all available lab test results, any images, etc. 

  • Physician consultations: Email* and discuss with DrV; no forms required as we will adhere to normal professional standards.

  • *Email: Consult Dr Vasquez AT G mail  .com

  • Duration: Approximately 90-120 minutes of engagement; Dr Vasquez is generous with time and effort: his goal is "impressive success worthy of publication" with each case. In other words, each case is taken "doubly serious" for 1) health improvement, and also 2) scientific insight. 

  • Focus: The special focus of most consultations is autoimmunity and inflammatory and "difficult to treat" diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, etc.  However, Dr Vasquez will selectively consult on other conditions as well.

How to help this work at its best

  • 3 easy steps to get started: 1) Send a query email, and some information; once DrV has reviewed we can then move forward by 2) confirm payment via PayPal via the link-button provided on this page, and then 3) agree via email on a time for the online meeting.

  • Organize your documents before sending: Send documents by email, and please have documents labeled such as: 

    1. Name

    2. Date/year

    3. What type of document, ie, blood tests, urine test, stool test, etc

    4. Examples:

      • John Smith 2018 Jan Blood tests

      • Mary Brown 2016 vitamin D tests

      • Clarence Smith 2015 stool parasite test

    • The goals here are 1) clarity, 2) identity, 3) organization, 4) efficiency

    • If you want to use some other service for transferring documents, eg with "more security" that is fine as long as it works quickly and efficiently. Please don't use a system that wastes a lot of time and energy with numerous passwords, sign-ins.

How to impair this interaction, provided here as a list of "do not"s for clarity

  • Do not give the impression of being difficult-to-work-with or socially reckless; if we cannot start and communicate with some degree of ease, then quite possibly the more complex conversations won't work either

  • Do not demand immediate anything. If you need immediate attention, go to the hospital. This is a consulting service, not direct primary care

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Reserve/request personal


Currently disabled: 

we're sorry but consults are not currently available

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