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Part 1: MELATONIN must be good if it is being attacked by CNN and the American Medical Association

  • Part 1: I had been thinking about melatonin with regard to patient care and some new research when I noticed a new smear campaign by the American Medical Association and CNN recently.

Part 2
: AMA+CNN=Miseducating Medics and the Masses by Misrepresenting Melatonin

  • Part 2: The American Medical Association post on social media was a combination of direct misinformation along with a hyperlink to the article published by CNN which of course glorified in a reciprocal manner a recent publication by the American Medical Association. CNN repeats what the AMA published in its journal JAMA, and AMA reciprocates by guiding traffic to the CNN website. Like one hand washing the other, in the same dirty water.

Part 3
: Critical reading of "Using melatonin for sleep is on the rise despite potential health harms" published by CNN on Feb1 2022 and promoted by American Medical Association

  • Part 3: Critical reading of the CNN hack piece shows it to be intellectually and informationally vacuous (empty), loaded with juvenile innuendos and unfounded accusations that would never pass muster in any good high school grammar/writing class or undergraduate journalism course.

Part 4
: CNN and A.M.A. fail at math, science, and logic when attacking Melatonin

  • Part 4: CNN and the A.M.A. want you to be afraid of melatonin supplements because they contain up to 75 micrograms of serotonin but they ignore the fact that many foods naturally contain serotonin and that any reasonable person could easily consume more than 3,000 micrograms of serotonin in natural foods such as nuts or tomatoes. Furthermore, both CNN and the A.M.A. are preying on the ignorance of their audiences (general public and medical doctors) to not know that orally consumed serotonin is unlikely to reach the brain in significant amounts. Check out the arguments and math in this article to see that CNN and the A.M.A. are lying to the public, politicians, and policy-makers!

Part 5
: Melatonin on Thrombosis, Sepsis and Mortality Rate in COVID-19 Patients published in International Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021 (online) and 2022 (printed)

  • Part 5: The safety and effectiveness of this intervention helps us understand the recent attacks against melatonin by CNN and the A.M.A. The dose of 10 mg is reasonable if not minimal for an acute illness. Note that this is the same dose used in infants with sepsis as I have discussed in my published antiviral protocol; obviously, dose-optimization studies need to be completed to determine the optimal dose for adults which is quite likely in the range of 40-500 mg rather than 3-10 mg.

Part 6
: TUTORIAL VIDEO (45min) on Melatonin (part6), Mitochondria, Metabolism, Malignancy, and Mentoring

  • Part 6: Quick-and-powerful video explanation of melatonin’s mechanism of action in major clinical diseases

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