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Integrative Orthopedics for the Upper Ex

Integrative Orthopedics and Trauma Nutrition

  • Integrative Orthopedics was published in 2004, 2007, 2012 as a guidebook of >600 pages providing a head-to-toe review of musculoskeletal assessment with integrative therapeutic considerations including chiropractic/osteopathic techniques, diet, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicines. Although this work was respectable for its content and organization, especially for an author's first book, I was aware that the section on therapeutics needed to be strengthened; especially if I were to bring this work to the same level of my colorized Inflammation Mastery (2016), I knew that updates were necessary, and I was passively wondering when I might make these revisions when in 2020 a freak accident shattered my left elbow and provided the occasion.

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